August 10th, 2020


Kristel dealt with uncomfortable and painful symptoms of eczema for most of her life, until she turned to superfoods to find a solution. Find out what natural remedies she used to cure her eczema once and for all!

According to the National Eczema Association, about 10% of the US population has some form of eczema – many of which are diagnosed at a young age.

If you are one of the 35 million people who deal with symptoms of eczema, you know that some days are worse than others. Kristel De Groot spent more than two decades with painful rashes on her arms, legs, neck, and face (especially eyelids). But finally, she took matters into my own hands to clear her eczema naturally with superfoods.

Here’s what she did to cure her eczema at home.

How Kristel cured her eczema


I’ve had allergies and eczema for as long as I can remember. I dealt with red, irritated, itchy skin for 25 years, and the pain felt unbearable. Anyone who has, or is currently dealing with, this relentless skin condition knows the discomfort that I’m talking about.

My parents and I saw countless doctors over a span of 20 years. From regular general physicians, skin specialists, to holistic doctors and acupuncturists, each doctor always claimed they had the perfect solution. And I tried them all.

I used a standard cortisone cream for many years, which helped to relieve some of the redness and itchiness but also made my skin thinner and thinner. Often, I would lightly scratch my skin and begin to bleed. This steroid solution helped to suppress the symptoms of eczema but certainly didn’t cure my eczema.

When I was 15-years-old I tried another solution: antihistamine pills. These made me so tired that I would fall asleep at 4 p.m, which affected my schoolwork and ability to enjoy life. Not to mention, my mild eczema still affected me.

I tried countless creams and pills for eczema, but none of these solved the actual root cause! Then, 5 years ago, I simply had enough.


I had just returned from a visit with a world-renowned holistic doctor who told me to take more than 20 different natural supplements. That was the last straw. I finally decided I couldn’t continue living this way.

I remember the moment when I told my mom that I was just going to trust my body to fix itself and would do everything in my power to support my body with healthy food choices. No more cortisone cream, a million different prescription pills, or supplements. Just healthy whole foods.


I started eating a plant-based diet, using lots of superfoods which I learned were jam-packed with nutrients and powerful antioxidants. This solution wasn’t exactly a quick fix. In fact, my eczema got worse in the beginning. 


As my body began detoxing, the rash appeared to be more prominent but, bit by bit, it got better. I was healing my skin from the inside out. After several months it started to get better, and after about 1.5-2 years I was able to cure my eczema permanently.

When my pain disappeared and I finally found relief from my eczema, I could tell that not only was my skin health improving, but my overall health significantly changed for the better. Since eczema is all about having inflammation in your body, superfoods really helped me control my skin health.


I committed to fueling my body with all the whole foods and superfoods I could find and cut out all the ‘bad’ stuff.


These are the steps I took to cure my eczema:


  • Plant-based, clean eating
  • Checking every ingredient list and knowing that I only put real foods in my body! I cut out things like stevia, sweeteners, natural or artificial flavoring, fillers, gums, and highly processed foods.
  • I focused on eating as many nutritious micronutrients (eg. vitamins and minerals) from real foods. I consumed a ton of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, gluten-free grains, spices, and…
  • SUPERFOODS! Lots, lots, lots of Super Green!

I also started using natural products on my skin and began doing things like yoga, which has transformed my life for the better.


Like I said, this certainly was not a simple process and I was ready to give up many times but my body was able to naturally heal itself with the help of powerful superfoods.

If you’re struggling with this common skin condition, know you are not alone and if you begin eating healthy you may be able to cure your eczema naturally, too!


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Written by Reigna


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