Organic Chocolate Lover Mix

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Is snacking in-between meals making you gain weight? Replace your unhealthy cravings with the raw Chocolate Lover mix. This mix contains 713% more nutrients than regular store-bought chocolate bars. Side benefit? It's an instant mood booster.

This mix will expire on 07/31/17 - but will still taste better than you can ever imagine (plus we run monthly tests to ensure it is safe to eat!).


✓ Contains magnesium, zinc and omega 3*
✓ Stops cravings*
✓ Mood booster*
✓ Relieves stress*


 Simply add one spoonful to smoothies, breakfast, snacks or bliss balls. Click here for our favorite Chocolate Lover recipes!


Weight: 5.29oz | 150g | 30 servings


Taste: Slightly sweet, chocolate taste


Ingredients: Cacao* (Peru), Carob* (Peru), Shredded Coconut* (Sri Lanka), Chia Seeds* (Nicaragua) and Lucuma* (Peru) Powder. *Organic Certified


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Add daily to breakfast and
snacks to relax and feel good

Relax & Feel Good

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