Why Superfoods Powders Are Better Than Pills

Jan 24, 2022by Addie Rippin
Why Superfoods Powders Are Better Than Pills

Do you take vitamins to stay healthy? Most people do. But the supplements you take may not be doing their job... Here is why you should skip the pills and opt for superfoods instead.

In a perfect world, you’d get all the nutrients you need from the foods you eat. However, food deserts, soil depletion, and dietary restrictions make this nearly impossible. So, you might turn to supplements to get your essential vitamins and minerals. The only problem is, these pills aren’t doing much to keep you healthy…

In a 2018 study, researchers examined the effects of four common supplements – multivitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, and calcium. "We were surprised to find so few positive effects of the most common supplements that people consume," said Dr. Jenkins, the study's lead author and a professor of nutritional sciences and medicine at the University of Toronto. "In the absence of significant positive data... it's most beneficial to rely on a healthy diet to get your fill of vitamins and minerals."

And that’s where superfood powders come in!

Superfoods are natural whole foods that are extremely high in micronutrients. (We’re talking 30x more vitamin C than an orange!) And when you eat them, you’re getting nutrients in their purest form.

Here are the top 4 reasons why superfood powders are better than pills...

1. Superfoods are natural.

Don’t overwhelm your body with synthetic nutrients. Instead, nourish it with powdered superfoods! Unlike store-bought vitamins, superfoods are found and grown in nature. They range from fruits and veggies, to grasses and seaweed. Skip the stuff made in a lab and opt for ingredients grown in rich, organic soil.

2. Superfoods are absorbed more easily.

If you take capsules, your body has to break down the outside of the capsule first (often made of gelatin or cellulose). But superfood powders are naturally dried or freeze-dried directly after harvesting. This not only helps maintain the highest amount of nutrients, but it also allows your body to absorb them quicker.

Bonus: our superfood powders are 100% organic and contain zero additives, fillers, and sweeteners. Can your vitamins say that?

3. Superfoods are easy to use.

Bye-bye hard-to-swallow capsules, and hello delicious recipes! Superfood powders can easily be added to any meal, including smoothies, dips, soups, shakes…you name it! Plus, you can combine multiple superfood powders to suit your health needs.

4. Superfoods are delicious.

Açai berries, chia seeds, hibiscus, and turmeric… Sounds tasty, right? Those are just a few of the ingredients in our superfood powders. And unlike supplements, they won’t leave a tinny aftertaste. (Yuck!)

We might be biased, but when it comes to flavor and nutrition, superfoods have supplements beat by a landslide. Explore more of our delicious ingredients here!

The Bottom Line 

A healthy body starts with a diverse diet rich in whole foods. But when you need a boost of vitamins and minerals, it’s best to opt for natural superfoods over lab-made supplements.

When you consume superfood powders, you’re getting essential nutrients that are easier and quicker for your body to absorb. Not to mention they’re delicious and easy to use. You can add them to smoothies, oatmeal, water, dressings — the possibilities are endless!

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