Healthy Immunity Boosting Smoothie Recipe

Kick your immune system into high-gear with this refreshing immunity booster smoothie!

by Reigna Everidge
Healthy Immunity Boosting Smoothie Recipe

Whether it’s cold and flu season or just allergy season, keeping a strong immune system should always be your top priority.

And there’s no better way to get your daily dose of immune-boosting nutrients than in a refreshing smoothie!

This immunity booster smoothie contains the vitamins and minerals your body needs to fight off infections, prevent illnesses and keep your health in tip-top shape! 

In addition to vitamin C-rich superfoods, this immunity booster smoothie offers the added benefits of nutritious greens from our Super Green mix and plant protein from our Skinny Protein mix.

Are you ready to strengthen your immune system naturally? Make an immunity booster smoothie today!

Happy blending!

Immunity Booster Smoothie



• 1 tsp Super Green mix

• 2 tbsp Skinny Protein mix

• 1 banana

• 1 cup spinach

• 1 cup water

• 1/2 cup frozen mango


  1. Place all of the ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Products Used

Super Green Mix

Super Green Mix

Superfood smoothie mix with nutritious greens


Skinny Protein Mix

Skinny Protein Mix

A carb-conscious plant-based protein powder mix