5 Tips For a Healthy Fall

5 lifestyle and nutrition tips to help you nourish your body and stay healthy this fall.

The evenings are slowly getting cooler, the sun is setting earlier, and intuitively you’re reaching for a warming chai instead of an iced latte. And all of a sudden summer is gone. The changing seasons are a great time to start tuning into your body to give it more of what it needs to stay healthy and thrive.

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How the body responds to the change in season

Do you notice how your daily routine adapts to the changing season? While most people spend their summer’s partaking in outdoor activities or running from one adventure to the next, the shorter days mean less time outdoors. Say goodbye to an invigorating dip in the pool and long bike rides.


Not only will you notice a difference in your activity level once the season changes, but you will notice a change in your eating habits too! To get in harmony with nature, our hormones adapt to the new environment (pretty clever, isn't it?). However, this also means that you may crave more comfort foods and greasy snacks that promise you quick satisfaction.


So how do you stay fueled and satisfied while still eating healthy this fall? Well, these 5 tips can help you stay happy and healthy all season long.

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5 nutrition tips for a healthy fall

1. Protein for breakfast

Take advantage of fall flavors and in-season produce and whip yourself up a hearty protein-packed breakfast. Whether you prefer something savory or sweet, you can find delicious high-protein breakfast recipes that will keep you full all morning long. Plus, eating a protein-packed breakfast can help prevent sugar spikes and crashes. Try a protein smoothie or this warming pumpkin pie oatmeal with vegan protein powder.

2. Exercise before 3 pm

Morning workouts are ideal for burning fat and losing weight, but the truth is the best workout is one that easily fits into your schedule. Thanks to endorphins your body will be happy no matter what time of day you work out, although working out later in the day increased your chances of skipping your sweat session.  

Another fact to keep in mind is that late-night or evening workouts may cause a sleep disturbance. Make sure you give yourself ample time to relax after a workout—we suggest any time before 3 pm. This will ensure that you can fall asleep more peacefully in the evening. Yoga teacher Nina Chin shares some
instant relaxation tips for any time of day.

3. Eat seasonally

Treat your body to the wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables that autumn has to offer. Summer fruits like mangoes, bananas, and pineapples contain a lot of fructose and give you plenty of quick energy for long days outdoors. Fall veggies and fruits, on the other hand, have a lower glycaemic index and do not raise sugar levels as high.

Apples, pears, grapes, and plums are now in season. You can stir them into porridge, use them for baking, or simply snack on them. Fall vegetables include spinach, chard, cabbage, broccoli, fennel, leeks, and beetroot, which are full of vitamins to prepare your body for the darker months. Try this fruity beetroot and berry smoothie or this delicious sweet potato bowl.

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4. Ayurvedic spices

Ginger, turmeric, pepper...These powerful spices warm your body from the inside, boost metabolism, aid digestion, and can even help you relax naturally! Best of all, you can add them to almost anything!


How does hot chocolate sound for dessert or a warming golden milk after an autumn walk?

5. Chocolate makes you happy

We're not talking about sugary chocolate bars (although they might promise a quick and sweet chocolate high), but raw cacao powder. It contains tryptophan, an amino acid that is part of the happiness hormone serotonin. Cocoa also contains anandamide, a molecule that can behave in the body in a similar way to THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.


Well, if that doesn't cheer you up — don't worry, we made it easy for your to get your chocolate fix. Thanks to our Chocolate Lover and Magic Mushroom mixes you can experience the full benefits of cocoa. Simply add 1 tsp to your smoothie in the morning, or treat yourself to a chocolatey treat like these gooey juicy brownies!

The bottom line

Your body will naturally adapt to the change of season, but it’s up to you to get the nourishment you need to thrive.

Focusing on eating healthy and staying active is the key to making this fall your healthiest season, yet!

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